SAVE THE DATE: LCPS meeting Aug 12

It’s crucial school-board meeting where we submit our application!

Please, please turn out on August 12. The school board meeting is at 6:30 pm at the School Administration Building, 21000 Education Court – RM100, Ashburn, VA 20148. We know it is summer, but your hour spent there that night could help ensure decades of quality education at our school!

How to get involved, from big jobs to small.

Our application is nearing a crucial moment, but we still have a lot to do, and need volunteers! We know that all your lives are already busy. But if you can help even one hour, every two weeks, that’s great! If you can do more, wonderful! We have jobs that can be done from home with a telephone, and ones that involve attending meetings.

Below is a listing. A few are bigger jobs, which will require a greater level of commitment. They are also the ones we most need to fill. If you really want to be part of the HCA backbone, please let us know.

Big jobs:

Fundraising coordinator: This person will coordinate with the Western Loudoun County Community Schools Association, which has graciously offered to spearhead raising an endowment of $1 million. Our fundraising coordinator will be the group’s partner and contact. This person will work with our own team of volunteers to come up with names of businesses/individuals to approach, and brainstorm other creative fundraising ideas.

Website/social media manager: You probably already know this: We have our own website.  We need someone who can (from home!) continuously update it with our latest news, articles from elsewhere and calls for action. This person will also keep us active on Twitter and other social-media platforms. Our website platform is pretty straightforward and easy to handle.

After-school-care coordinator: We plan to have our own version of CASA, an after-school care program. After adopting the basic outlines of the program for our charter application, we need to design the actual content. This person would have huge freedom to sketch out a creative enrichment program and work with a team to reach out to local experts (we already have some good starter ideas on a list) to come and engage our kids in weekly/monthly activities. Signing up to do this job does not commit you to RUNNING the after-school care program! This is about putting in place a good plan for how it will operate.

Volunteer coordinator: Parents whose children attend Hillsboro Charter Academy must agree to commit to a small number of volunteer hours monthly to the school. HCA is going to depend on these volunteers to do a lot of tasks. We need someone who will work with us to come up with a list of jobs, estimates of how much time they will require and to sketch a rough schedule. As we near opening day, we will hire an official coordinator.

Smaller (yet vital!) jobs:

Volunteers to help on the fundraising committee, to help brainstorm potential names of donors, and make calls.

Volunteers to help with the after-school program design. These volunteers will work with the after school care coordinator to come up with fun enrichment ideas and make calls.

Volunteers to help with outreach. As we go forward, we are going to need to put out flyers/make calls/send emails, alerting the community to key moments in the charter process (school board meetings, sign-up deadlines, etc.) We could always use more folks to help us with these efforts.

Contact us with any questions or commitments!

It’s just one week before we present to the Loudoun school board!

We are now only a little more than week away from the day we present our application to the Loudoun County School Board, on August 12! The process is going fabulously, and we are so excited to be handing to LCPS a plan for a school that is all about creative and successful learning, and that will keep our community intact.

A crucial part of the application is showing local support for our charter school, which in turn is support for school choice and great education.  We would like to ask you to help out in any (or all!) of the following ways:

1.  Sign our petition. It will take a minute, at most. Also, email it to friends; put it on Facebook; blast it out on Twitter! We need the sort of viral support we saw at the small-schools board hearing. We will be submitting these names with our application.

2.  Write a support letter. Please take a few moments to send us a few short sentences or paragraph (or a whole letter if you like!) in support of Hillsboro Charter Academy. It doesn’t have to be fancy. We will be submitting these too.

3.   School board meeting. Please, please turn out on August 12, when we submit. The school board meeting is at 6:30 pm at the School Administration Building, 21000 Education Court – RM100, Ashburn, VA 20148. We know it is summer, but your hour spent there that night could help ensure decades of quality education at our school.

We can’t wait to see you all there.

School enrollment is up 30% for the coming year!

After a well-attended April 21 community meeting about the group’s plans to convert the elementary school into a public charter school, requests to be transferred flooded in from families throughout western Loudoun.

“We were just blown away to see the passion and the creativity of the teachers,” Stacey Bassett said after attending the meeting.

She and her husband Andrew filled out the required paperwork to transfer their 6-year-old son from Lovettsville Elementary, where he attended kindergarten last school year, to Hillsboro this fall.

Bassett said the chance to be a part of a charter school is part of the draw, but she would request a transfer for her son even if it weren’t for talks of turning Hillsboro into a charter because of what the school’s teachers are already doing.

Read more of Danielle Nadler’s story in  Leesburg Today.

Washington Post: Middlesburg charter school gaining traction

This piece, from the WP’s Caitlin Gibson, details Middlesburg’s progress towards being a fully fledged charter, which would make it Loudoun’s first.

The school will open Aug. 4, welcoming 122 students from across Loudoun. Eighty-seven of them, including nine kindergarten students, will be new to the school, said Susana Calley, a member of the Middleburg Community Charter School Board.

The school received 172 applications before its April 30 deadline, a number that was whittled down to 122 students through a lottery last week, Calley said. The remaining students were placed on a waiting list and could be admitted if other families decide not to have their children attend. The final deadline to confirm attendance is May 23.


Next meeting: May 22, 7 p.m.

May 22nd—7 pm.

Hillsboro Charter Academy Information Session

Where: Hillsboro Elementary, 37110 Charles Town Pike, Purcellville, VA 20132

Please join our charter committee for an informational session about Hillsboro Charter Academy. We’ll be providing a presentation about our purpose, our curriculum and our services—and we’ll be answering questions. Hope to see you there!

How to help

Become a Founding Family

Loudoun County allows any child to attend any school that has space available. The LCPS Open Enrollment process began April 1st. Join us in 2014 while we are still Hillsboro Elementary School and be grandfathered in as a Founding Family of the charter. Founding Families will have guaranteed admission to Hillsboro Charter Academy and will avoid the lottery process. Give your child a head start in getting to know our special Hillsboro community and our amazing teachers, who are the driving force behind this exciting charter school.

Need help with Open Enrollment for Hillsboro in 2014? Schedule a tour and meet our teachers. Contact Tane McPeak of Hillsboro Elementary School at 540-751-2560


The Hillsboro Charter Committee, which comprises parents and teachers, is currently working on our charter application. It will be presented to the Loudoun County School Board this summer. Charters are a community effort and depend so much on the ideas, help and services of parents and local businesses and organizations. We have all sorts of jobs that need doing, both big and small: public outreach, fundraising, grant research, flyer distribution. And we are looking to build more ties with groups that are the community backbone of Western Loudoun. If you have a few moments to help us with this amazing project, or to offer your ideas on the direction of the charter, please email us at

Sign Our Petition

Charter approval by the Loudoun County School Board will rest in part in our demonstration that we have wide support for this venture. Show your commitment to top-notch education and to more Loudoun County school choice by signing our petition, which will be presented to the School Board along with our application this summer.

What is Hillsboro Charter Academy?

Hillsboro Charter Academy will be a Free Public Charter for all Loudoun residents. Pending approval of our charter application by the Loudoun County School Board, Hillsboro Elementary will reopen as the Hillsboro Charter Academy in the fall of 2015.

Since 1874, the small town of Hillsboro has been known for educational excellence. Building upon our tradition of success, Hillsboro Charter School is excited to bring something new to the way we educate our children.  We start by taking what is good about established education and will blend it with innovative and creative ideas about how to instruct young minds. Your child will be immersed into a rich, multi-sensory learning environment.

We’re building an experiential, project-based school that provides individualized learning plans to meet each child’s educational needs.  By incorporating science, technology, engineering, the arts and math into each child’s “Student Learning Plan,” Hillsboro Charter Academy will differentiate our approach to prepare our students for Twenty First Century learning.

Our students will be encouraged to use higher-order thinking skills by being continually challenged.  They’ll be immersed in numerous hands-on, engineering and creative-arts based projects that support the curriculum.  It is our goal to prepare all students to excel in and out of the classroom through a rigorous academic program.

In addition to the support structure that comes with a close-knit, rural community, Hillsboro Charter Academy will offer:

  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • Small class sizes
  • Integrated STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  • Individual Student Learning Plans for every child
  • High quality student meals
  • Inquiry-based Instruction
  • Arts integration
  • Portfolio assessments
  • In-house daily gifted lessons
  • Gifted Identification and Services with SOAR (Students with Outstanding Ability Resource), in areas including mathematics, science, linguistics, art and music.
  • More Learning, Less Testing

The staff and faculty of HCA are dedicated to helping each child in the school grow academically, socially and personally. We can accomplish this by building a strong, collaborative partnership with each student’s family.  Students successes are is highly influenced by the relationship between school and home. We at Hillsboro Charter Academy will value our families and their investment in the children’s educational experience.

We’d love for you and your child to come and “rethink school” with us. Please stop by and talk with us about this amazing learning opportunity for our future inventors, engineers, artists and innovators at Hillsboro Charter School!