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Volunteering for HCA

There are a number of volunteer opportunities that are available for parents and community members who are interested in helping to ready the charter for next year. Some will require a significant amount of time while others may be short term tasks that can be done from home with a telephone and access to the internet. We also will be looking for some of you to serve as ex-officio non-voting members on some of our Board committees, working directly with the committee chair in an advisory capacity.

Help Us Write The Story
                                     Help Us Write The Story

Watch this space for updated information as our many projects get underway. Additionally, if there is something specific that you have in mind that you would like to contribute, do not hesitate to share your idea with us. You may contact us through

Below is a list of areas that we are currently looking for volunteers, please reach out to us and let us know if they are of interest.

Finance & Fundraising:  Amy Marasco Newton, Chair

This committee is currently working on several aspects of financing for the school including grant seeking and fundraising.

  • We are looking for anyone with grant writing experience, as well as an interest in researching available grants.
  • For fundraising, we will be seeking out corporate donors, as well as engaging in smaller community fundraising events. If you have experience or interest in participating, we will need people for a variety of tasks from putting together mailings to making phone calls to event planning.
  • The F&F committee is also currently seeking an accountant or an accounting firm that may be willing to work for the school on a Pro-Bono basis for the planning year, with the intention of becoming the accountant of record for the organization when the school is opened.

In addition to the specific needs listed above, we have a number of opportunities for individuals who are highly organized and motivated who may want to become involved in the following specific aspects of our planning process:

  • After-school program planning
  • Technology assessment
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Facility inventory planning

Please email your interest and contact information to and a Board Member or Committee Chair will contact you directly.  Thank you for considering to offer your time and support to HCA!