What is HCA?

Hillsboro Charter Academy is a Free Public Charter for all Loudoun residents that opened in Fall of 2016.

School in the ROUND!
A School in the ROUND

Since 1874, the small town of Hillsboro has been known for educational excellence. Building upon our tradition of success, Hillsboro Charter Academy is excited to bring something new to the way we educate our children.  By incorporating science, technology, engineering, the arts and math into each child’s “Student Learning Plan,” Hillsboro Charter Academy takes a differentiated approach to preparing our students for Twenty First Century learning. We started by taking what is good about established education and blended it with innovative and creative ideas about how to instruct young minds. Your child will be immersed into a rich, multi-sensory, project-based learning environment. The school provides individualized learning plans to meet each child’s educational needs.  Our students are encouraged to use higher-order thinking skills by being continually challenged.  They’re immersed in numerous hands-on, engineering and creative-arts based projects that support the curriculum.  It is our goal to prepare all students to excel in and out of the classroom through a rigorous academic program.

In addition to the support structure that comes with a close-knit, rural community, Hillsboro Charter Academy will offer:

  • Small class sizes
  • Integrated STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  • Individual Student Learning Plans for every child
  • Inquiry-based Instruction
  • Arts integration
  • Portfolio assessments
  • In-house daily gifted lessons
  • Gifted Identification and Services with SOAR (Students with Outstanding Ability Resource), in areas including mathematics, science, linguistics, art and music.
  • More Learning, Less Testing
HCA - powered by the 'other' STEAM!
HCA – powered by the ‘other’ STEAM!

The staff and faculty of HCA are dedicated to helping each child in the school grow academically, socially and personally. We can accomplish this by building a strong, collaborative partnership with each student’s family.  Student success is highly influenced by the relationship between school and home. We at Hillsboro Charter Academy value our families and their investment in each child’s educational experience. Come “rethink school”.

Please contact us at hillsborocharter@gmail.com with any questions.